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Chakra Balance

Chakra balance

From a scientific or medical perspective our chakras or energy centres sit in approximately the same place as our nerve plexi.  Each of the seven tones in turn move through the following areas.  

Root Chakra – Coccygeal Plexus

Sacral Chakra – Sacral Plexus

Solar Plexus Chakra – Solar Plexus

Heart Chakra – Pulmonary and Cardiac Plexi

Throat Chakra – Pharyngeal Plexus

Third Eye Chakra – Carotid Plexus

Crown Chakra – Cerebral Cortex Plexus

Each area represents different areas of the body as well as holding memories, thoughts, feelings and sensations that we carry or store in our body and energetic field.  A restorative comb through that brings harmony and balance to dissonance or chaos.  


adrenal reset

The adrenals are small glands that produce the hormones adrenalin and cortisol.     Adrenalin is produced under periods of high stress, whereas cortisol helps us regulate the stress of every day living.  Our culture produces ongoing low-level stressors which can result in adrenal fatigue.  For people who are ‘always on the go’, as indeed Leigh once was herself, this treatment can bring the space and clarity of mind to reset your system and bring a sense of renewal. 

After the sound treatment, your feet are immersed into a soothing salted water foot spa.  Hydrotherapy also promotes relaxation, enhances wellbeing and is an effective method of pain relief.  

It is an also effective treatment for insomnia and can help induce longer periods of deep sleep afterwards.  Often people feel their energy returns stronger and more solid after this focused reboot. 


Adrenal Reset

Whole Body Tune Up

whole body tune up

The whole body tune up treatment is a full on sound experience! 

For the first part of the treatment you are required to lie on your front and then half way you will be asked to switch onto your back.  

We will go into more depth concerning areas of imbalance and include paying special attention to the feet and knees before moving up the entire body.  Areas of discomfort or tension will receive direct attention from appropriate tuning forks.  

The last part of the treatment includes some extra sound bath instruments to encourage a deep state of relaxation, before you are offered the sound menu for the brain tuners.  

Brain tuners produce beta, alpha, delta and theta sound waves.  


All sessions require approx 45 minutes


Check out this review from Nicola who had never had a vibrational sound therapy session before. 

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