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All Together Now

Clients come together at the showcases and have the first opportunity to join in the group workshops produced each year.

Check out upcoming group opportunities and events below.

Group Projects

In preparation for various film and showcase productions, we arrange small and larger group rehearsals.  

This short film includes clips from various group rehearsals, our 3 and 4 day pop music video making summer workshops and some older showcases.

Term time September to July. 

Get involved now!

Introduction to Estill Voice Training

This full day workshop offers an overview of the Estill Voice Training Model and is for those who have not attended a level 1 or 2 Estill course.  

The Estill Voice Training Model is a valuable addition to anyone’s toolbox and helps you understand how voice production works and how to use the model to overcome vocal hurdles and have reliable technique and choices for all vocal qualities.  

The day includes plenty of practical exercises, a course handout and attendance certificate.

Sunday 10th December 2023

10.30am – 5.00pm

£95pp (early bird £75)

Colchester Film Makers

Leigh produced this short as an introduction to Colchester Film Makers Club, which won the Ray Jennings Challenge in 2023. 

Connect with Leigh and other local film makers by joining us on Tuesday evenings from 8pm at Hythe Community Centre.  

Course Creation, Marketing & communications solutions

Get in touch to discuss your project and where Vocal Freedom Productions can help with filming, photography, editing and marketing your project.

As a film maker Leigh also enjoys collaborating with other creatives and practitioners to produce retreat weekends,  music videos, website and media content.  

Contact to discuss.

3 Day Music Video
Summer Workshop

Music Video Production

Our 3 day music video production workshop takes place during the Summer School holidays.

Maximum of 6 participants in three age groups: Youth (age 8-12), Teens (13-18), Adults (18+).

Day 1 – Choose Songs, split into parts, learn songs, plan movements, storyboarding, costumes and locations

Day 2 – Record song parts (audio) while simultaneously storyboarding and designing the music videos.

Day 3 – Filming takes place.  Editing & design is collaborative. 

Booking open April 2024 for

Summer dates : TBC August 2024

Coaching for all levels


No prior training? Build new skills as you work towards your first exam, audition or performance. If you desire to sing, act, perform comedy or present an impassioned speech or TED talk but your confidence is lacking, get in touch.


You have a good level of understanding about your voice and your ability but you also have areas you want to advance your skills. Fill in the gaps and build upon your new skills to advance and achieve your personal vocal goals.


Professional voice users who have a good understanding of their voice with a high level skillset, can benefit from another set of eyes and ears on their practice and performance. Coaching with purposeful practice can advance your technique and bring masterful vocal freedom.