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Welcome, I’m Leigh

I’m a UK-based technical voice specialist and wellbeing coach. I’ve been coaching professionals and amateurs of all levels since 2009.  

I work from the Vocal Freedom Coaching Cabin and  studio. Take a look around in this short video. 

Coaching options

In-person Coaching

I welcome visiting clients and students to the Vocal Freedom Coaching Cabin and Studio in Colchester and also work online when this is not possible. 

All sessions are your place for exploration, growth, self-development, discovery and joy from your voice!

People power and strength. Strong woman breaking free overcoming
Friends having fun in park

group Workshops

Group learning experiences are always memorable and our courses encourage the bonus learning experience of witnessing other people overcome vocal hurdles and being part of something unique together.

online Coaching

When circumstances prevent us working in person, meetings are held online using Zoom or other applications. This is a brilliant option for flexibility and saves travel time and associated expenses.

It is also useful for me to see you practice in your usual space.  

You just need to have two separate devices ready.  One for the call with me, the other to use for playback of music.  

Video sharing concept - Uploading your videos to the Internet

“Leigh has the most patience I have known in a mentor! I was so scared to work with technology but with her guidance, I managed to save my business over lockdown and I now love the freedom it brings me!” 

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The Cabin is a great space for shared learning.